Ballad of the Lonely Man


There is so much that I could say

About the day you threw me away

And you can protest that I hurt you

But I said sorry until my face was blue.

And I have tried to accept it’s come to an end

I have tried to forget you again and again

I have run around with other girls

Promised them diamonds and pearls

I’ve pretended you’re just another dame

Another one. The same. The same. The same.

But none of that has been for real

There’s only one true way to show you how I feel

Only one thing you’d like to see

Only one truth could set me free

But that’s a truth I’d never try

For a man hides everything inside

So after the heartbreak you’ve put me through

If you please, the only honest thing I could ever do

Is to fall to my knees and cry and cry in front of you

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