Ballad of a psychopath in love

Shards of light pierce the ragged curtain

I’m switched on but she’s asleep, I’m certain

I wear a forlorn face for I must say she frightens me

Who’s starring in those dreams you’re having,

lying there beside me?

My gaze follows shadows dancing on the ceiling

Will you walk away today?

Is this the game you’re playing

I notice your lips move and now I’m really flailing

Could it be your lover’s name that you’re saying?

I know I heard you whisper

And my heart crumbles

For it’s my brother’s name that you just mumbled

In the kitchen, I polish the carving knife,

dry the dishes

And put away the pans

You’re losing your life tonight.

Not what one wishes.

But if I can’t have you, there’s no one else who can.

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