Peter L. Abram is a former London, Berlin and Melbourne-based rave promoter, sometime underground journalist and documentary producer, ex-serviceman, English Language education professional and Melbourne University graduate. He has produced music events all over the world. Peter grew up on a tiny and extremely remote island (his father was a lighthouse keeper) in the Indian Ocean. He was then primarily educated in England and served in the Royal Australian Navy.

After receiving an honorable discharge, he endured a spell of homelessness and almost succumbed to the dark ways of the street before finding a home in the world of underground theater. He performed at the Blackwattle Studios in Sydney, and was a member of the Wet Paint theatre group in London before moving to Berlin where he initially worked with the British Army before turning his attention to nightclub event production and live poetry performance. In 1989 he diarized the tumultuous events in Berlin and ultimately the fall of the Wall. For inspiration in his writing he still draws on the characters he met and adventures he stumbled into at that time. His X-Ray events were some of the most popular club shows of the late 1980s. The night after the wall came down Peter’s X-Ray Brainstorm show was filmed by French Television and screened all over Europe.

In the 90s he returned to Melbourne & began organizing raves. He also wrote and co-produced the documentary The Love Parades, which still stands as the most insightful record of the underground rave scene of that era. Peter appeared on numerous television shows, including A Current Affair and Today Tonight discussing the club and rave scene. Aside from being a frequent guest on Talkback radio, he has hosted his own radio shows, presented regular segments and conducted scores of interviews, usually featuring DJs from all over the world.

In the second half of the 1990s Peter moved back to London and later Hungary where he turned his attention to education. He returned to Melbourne in 2000 and produced what was denounced on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) as the most controversial education course in Australian history, The Entertainment Operations Program. The course was initially designed to train young rave promoters, although in later years it shifted its focus to fashion events. Despite the controversy he endured earlier, Peter is now widely regarded as a seminal figure in the realm of Event Management education and has appeared many times in the media, including Good Morning Australia where he discussed his program, his graduates and their work in Events. A short film promoting the program shot in 2011 can be seen here:

In 2013 and armed with a Masters Degree in Educational Management from Melbourne University, Peter walked away from the entertainment industry to focus on directing English Language Studies which he saw as being more accordant to his first love, writing fiction. In 2014 he left Melbourne to take up permanent residency in Asia.

Currently, Peter directs English Language Studies at an International School in China. In his spare time, he reads crime novels and film scripts. His first novel was a self-published Crime novel, written as a True Crime memoir. He is working on a 3 book series following the adventures of aristocratic English assassin, C.B. Hastings. He recently stopped a long stint publishing fictional crime stories in a monthly Shanghai magazine.

Peter was at the ThrillerFest in New York in July of 2017. He’s currently residing in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Stop by and say hello!