“You get it, right?” said Sedona Li. “I’m doing this.”
                                                   “Vindicta dolorem et confessionem,” replied Hastings.
                                                                                             “Revenge is a confession of pain.”

Action, Love, Crime, Suspense and Thrillers–it’s all here on my BLOG.


Some background

Nothing matters more to me than educating my students at our school here in Guangzhou, but I couldn’t teach and direct English language studies well if I didn’t write my own stories. On my blog page here are a collection of different short stories and flash fiction.

Viscount Hastings and Sedona Li are the subjects of my three book series. He’s in his late forties. Decadent…determined…deadly… Sedona is his adopted Chinese daughter—she’s also his partner in crime. They do pop up in the short stories but the novels aren’t on this site–the characters are.

Book 1 is The Suicide Race:   “A terminally ill assassin accepts a massive payday for his wife and sets out on one final mission. His adopted daughter sets off on a mission of her own. To stop him launching a deranged suicide attack.”

The Suicide Race is set in contemporary England. Book 2 also features the dynamic duo. Night of the Infidel is set in Australia. Thethird novel in the Hastings and Sedona series is Execution of the Beloved. I wrote that during my time in Cambodia, which is where primarily where the story takes place.

The Hastings chronicles began in 2008. Christ, that’s a decade ago. I saw an English aristocrat arguing with a religious extremist on a YouTube video. The total contrast in their characters, outlook, speech patterns –everything, it amazed me, and I got to work writing about them. My outline boiled down to a 3 paragraph blurb, which I shoved into a suitcase along with the hundreds of songs, poems, scripts, treatments, and a 220-page novel written about my Berlin days -all of which are strictly for my eyes only.

On a cold, wet Sunday early in 2015, I opened the suitcase, pulled out the blurb and got to work.


Legislation, firearms, government counter-terrorism policy, airport security, extremism, bare-knuckle-boxing, substance abuse—at the end of week one my head spun. The only area I was reasonably well informed on was firearms, which I got my head around back in my military days. But I do so enjoy research. My Masters Degree is Research (Educational Management), and that doesn’t hurt when it comes to methodology and analysis. Melbourne University. Aaah Melbourne Uni. I love Melbourne Uni. The Suicide Race won’t be out until it’s translated into Mandarin, but check it out when it is. Lots of characters with spikes, and actual events, but flashed up with a bit of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal. That’s gunpowder.



Before I returned to ESL/EAL, my primary role in education was entertainment events and training students in the art and craft of organizing gigs. Below is a promotional video we made a few years back. Have a look!





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